Brand Campaign that Stands for Something

Congratulations on our
Shorty Award win! 

Our connective, emotional campaign won in FASHION, BEAUTY & LUXURY, showcasing how powerful, cause led marketing can raise brand awareness, capture market share and introduce new consumers to the brand.

Watch actors and activist Jackie Cruz and jaime King share their struggles and triumphs in our award-winning campaign video.

Our goal was to raise awareness for Paula's Choice, a results-driven skincare brand founded by best-selling author, Paula Begoun.

Our founder, Paula Begoun, spent her formative years suffering from cystic acne and debilitating eczema, covering most of her body. The frustration she experienced when countless skincare products failed to deliver on claims led her on a journey of research and discovery. She put her career and livelihood on the line to pull back the curtain on deceptive practices pervasive in the beauty industry in a series of best-selling books like Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me and The Beauty Bible and later launched Paula's Choice skincare to develop effective products. 

We honor the Truth in Beauty mission of the brand, with a goal of using Paula's struggles to help other women. We have always had women's backs at every step of their skincare journey so they can easily solve their skin concerns with real products that work.

For our first twenty years, Paula's Choice relied on product-focused communications, touting benefits and results of the brand's no fluff, powerful formulas to attract new customers. In our first-ever brand campaign, we recognized an opportunity to share Paula's story with truth-seeking consumers and inspire women to turn their struggles into triumph and fight for their truth, especially when it's not convenient, reinforcing our mantra of Truth In Beauty, the foundation on which our brand was built.